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I am primarily known for my work as an animation voice actor and a comic book artist.

In animation I am best known as the voice of Dragonball Z's Krillin (but I've literally voiced HUNDREDS of animated characters in my almost 15 years in the biz) and in comics for my work on the very cool series ElfQuest and my own series We Shadows

Enjoy my site!

Sonny Strait
  • Listening to: Pandora's Ennio Morricone station
  • Reading: Some cool Dutch comics
  • Watching: Netflix
  • Playing: with fools
  • Eating: Mostly vegetarian still
  • Drinking: Coffee made from my new coffee press


Sonny Strait
United States
I am an anime voice actor and cartoonist. I was the voice of Krillin on Dragonball Z, Hughes on Full Metal Alchemist and others (literally hundreds). As a cartoonist I've worked on Elfquest, my own manga for tokyopop called We Shadows, editorial cartoons for DS News, sing and play keys in a band and...well...I've been at this many, many years so a lot more.


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mugiwara-mina Mar 13, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
I always done voices since I was a little girl and I still love doing them now. I'd love to do it as a profession. You are an inspiration, sir. :)

I wondered if you would listen to me do some voices while reading cheesy hentai lines.
There are 53 lines in the vid, my voices come in lines 2, 7, 12, 17, 22, 27, 32, 37, 41, 46, and 50.…
tsukinokage Feb 12, 2014  Student Digital Artist
As a DBZ fan since it's first run in the US and as an aspiring voice actor, I'm so happy to find you here on DA. Totally watching you now!
Narutodoesminecraft Jan 5, 2014   General Artist
I can't believe it. First, I find out that some of my favorite YouTubers have their own deviantART accounts, and then I find you. I absolutely love your voice for Drocell (As you can see, he is my avatar). It just sounds so.. I don't even know.. doll-like? It really fits the character. Keep it up! ^^
Met you over the weekend at Youmacon, thank you again for taking time to chat with a friend and myself. Definitely made my weekend that's for sure!
Is this really you, Maes Hughes?
I am honored to make your acquaintance. You are the second celebrity I have spoken to on the internet, the first being Ernie J. Altbacker, the author of my favorite book saga Shark Wars. I spoke with him on Facebook and gave him my master plan voice cast list should his books become an animated miniseries or movie saga at the most.…
I turned 21 on September 18, 2013 and from October 4th through October 6th my family and I went to Las Vegas to celebrate it. I'm curious to know, since you are a co-worker and friend of Aaron Dismuke AKA Alphonse Elric, what does he have planned for his 21st Birthday this upcoming October 13th?
Tuggieman Sep 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Hello, I was that one guy who asked a lot of questions about webcomics at saturday metacon(sharing strangled bread). I am afraid I have yet another question. What program do you use for inking? I remember you said "paint", but what program specifically? There is Paint tool sai, ms paint (hope to god that it isn't), and other programs with the name "paint" in it.
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